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Infiniti Reliability in Woodbridge, ON

Reliability has been synonymous with the Infiniti name for well over 30 years, and that remains the case today. Indeed, every model in our lineup of new Infiniti vehicles can give drivers a clear head at the wheel, all while providing them with a personalized luxury experience. Find which of our models are the most reliable, and book a test drive at your convenience with Alta Infiniti Woodbridge in Woodbridge, Ontario to see for yourself.

Which Infiniti Is the Most Reliable Car?

Infiniti’s car lineup comprises the Q50 sedan and the popular Q60 coupe, and while both these luxury models are plenty reliable, the Q50 has earned the most praise from both reviewers and drivers alike. Thanks to its twin-turbo V6 engine, athletic design, swift acceleration, and upscale interior, the Infiniti Q50 sedan has stolen the hearts of many who love a dynamic and refined ride, with reviews applauding this Infiniti model’s reliability and affordability compared to other luxury rivals with the same turbo powertrain. The Q60 coupe is no slouch itself, as its reviews have consistently praised it as an attractive and affordable luxury sports car.

Which Infiniti Is the Most Reliable SUV?

With the recent arrival of the QX55, the Infiniti SUV lineup now includes four compelling models, with drivers and reviewers both touting the beloved QX50 crossover as the brand’s most reliable SUV. In addition to its responsive acceleration and peppy engine, the Infiniti QX50 has been praised for its elegant design and a versatile cabin offering both ample refinement and cargo capacity. Modern crossovers are popular in part for their reliability, and this Infiniti model offers plenty of it while providing an upscale cabin experience.

You can see the proof of your preferred Infiniti’s reliability by scheduling a test drive with our dealership in Woodbridge, after which you can customize your Infiniti to your liking without any hassles. For more on the reliability of our Infiniti models, contact us at Alta Infiniti Woodbridge today.

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