The rise of technology has perpetuated a shift in consumers' needs and wants around the globe. Our need to be connected to the world around us has increased, as is evident with the number of smartphones in consumers' hands. Not only do automotive consumers from Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan Area (Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill, and Woodbridge) and Etobicoke need to be connected to the world around them, but also a unique connection to their vehicles is an expectation. Fortunately, at Alta INFINITI, we have a fantastic inventory of vehicles that possess the latest technologies, including INFINITI InTouch Services. INFINITI InTouch services are the evolution of being connected to your vehicle in an intuitive and seamless way. Continue reading to learn more.


What is INFINITI InTouch services?

INFINITI InTouch is a conglomerate of features that are integrated into one suite of offerings. Navigation, convenience, security and entertainment are all brought together in a state of the art dash-mounted system. These features are purely designed to protect the driver and their occupants, to make your drive effortless, take you where you need to go and keep you connected to the world around you.



The INFINITI InTouch navigation helps you to make the road yours. If your vehicle is equipped with our navigation system, it will help you reach your destination through visual and voice commands. If you want to know your exact GPS location, you can utilize the in-vehicle Compass App. 

To better help you reach your destination, you can find Points of Interest (POI) even before you step inside your INFINITI. Send your desired destination to your vehicle using Destination Send-to-Vehicle. While in the vehicle, you can also use INFINITI Connection/InTouch Services Destination Assistance. Where a live agent will help you find your destination. Lastly, enjoy enhanced traffic information with SiriusXM Traffic and NavTraffic services.



Each owner of an INFINITI will have the ability to utilize the vehicle's voice recognition technology via Bluetooth. Its main purpose is to make sure you are focused on the road. 

The system will access your contacts and text messages and allow you to utilize them both via voice commands. For those who love to listen to something while driving, have it be music, news, or a podcast, you have multiple avenues to achieve your goal. Stream audio wirelessly through Bluetooth, tune into over 120 channels of commercial-free musing with SiriusXM, or turn on the vehicle's radio and enjoy.

Convenience & Concierge

Convenience & Concierge

The convenience & concierge component of INFINITI InTouch helps make your personal and business life more manageable. You can sync your Google Calendar on the INFINITI Connection/InTouch Services website. This will move your calendar onto your InTouch screen, or you can even have your calendar and appointments read out to you in your vehicle. You are able to utilize InTouch agents for two different things. 

If you need help find a particular destination, they are available 24 hours a day to help you get where you want to go, and if you are ever at your vehicle and need to gain access but don't have our keys with you, log in to the INFINITI Connection/InTouch Services and an agent will help you to access your vehicle.

Safety & Security


This feature provides you peace of mind when you need it most. With emergency services, you are able to contact our live Response Specialists. In case an accident occurs and your airbags are deployed, the Automatic Collision Notification will connect you with a live agent. Vehicle monitoring allows you to keep track of your INFINITI even if someone else has taken your vehicle. 

You are able to set Max Speed, Valet Alerts, and receive notifications if any of the thresholds you've set are broken. Set Activate the Maintenance Alert or Drive Zone, which will notify you if your vehicle leaves or enters a specific region. Lastly, InTouch Services also allows you to find your vehicle in case it is ever stolen. By using sophisticated tracking technology to locate your vehicle and notify the authorities.

How to access INFINITI InTouch? By Touch or by Voice

The beauty of INFINITI InTouch is it allows the driver to stay engaged and connected in multiple ways. The driver can access in-vehicle apps, phone contacts, maps, music, and more from an intuitive touchscreen display. You are able to swipe, tap and pinch your way through the system. If you drive and prefer not to use touch, you are welcome to press the talk button on the steering wheel. This activates the voice recognition and allows you to control the complete INFINITI InTouch through simple and straightforward voice commands.

InTouch™ Highlights

INFINTI InTouch App Canada is an added level of connection for INFINITI owners. With over 30 available features, services, and apps to enhance your drive. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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