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How Infiniti's new technology works

How Infiniti's new technology works

How INFINITI’s New Technology Works

INFINITI is a well-awarded automotive brand that has repeatedly proven how innovative and luxurious vehicles can be. The expert craftsmanship and dedication to their craft are evident in every car they produce and sell. They are a leader in technology within vehicles, and many of their new models are a testament to that. In today’s tech-oriented car market, INFINITI stands out. Keep reading to learn more about the latest tech features that modern INFINITI models offer. Then, feel free to visit our INFINITI Technology page to learn more about other features you can enjoy.

ProPILOT Assist

This revolutionary autonomous drive system uses cameras and radar to detect road markings and other vehicles to keep you perfectly in your lane and at a safe distance from the car in front. ProPILOT now includes Navi-link, a program that syncs with your navigation system to help keep you going the posted speed limit.

Smart Rearview Mirror

This innovative solution turns your rearview mirror into a backup camera when reversing. The Smart Rearview Mirror becomes an LCD monitor when your vehicle is in reverse, displaying the image from the rear-mounted camera.


INFINITI InTouch keeps you connected wherever the road takes you. This system integrates navigation, convenience, entertainment, and security, all at the touch of the screen on the dash-mounted state-of-the-art system. Enjoy features including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, voice recognition, climate control, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and more. Visit our INFINITI InTouch page to learn more.

Backup Collision Intervention and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

These systems automatically monitor the area behind your vehicle and alert you when danger is detected. Together, these systems provide added peace of mind and confidence when reversing.

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INFINITI is a leader when it comes to innovative technology solutions. Here at ALTA INFINITI Woodbridge, we want our customers to take advantage of these systems when they purchase a new INFINITI from us. Contact us today to learn more about these features and the models that have them. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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