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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Infiniti Today!


INFINITI Roadside Assistance


Picture yourself out on a relaxing drive through the windy roads in the countryside. Your Q60S is soaking in the sun while cutting through the bends like a samurai sword to butter. The straightaways push you back in your seat and make your heart rate increase. Suddenly, as you are coming up to the next stop sign, you hear the dreaded sound of a flat tire. This is a hypothetical situation for some, but many automotive consumers in Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan Area (Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill, and Woodbridge) and Etobicoke have faced a similar situation where a flat tire has brought stress and uncertainty. Fortunately, INFINITI Roadside Assistance is there for you when you need it most. It comes standard with every new vehicle purchase at Alta INFINITI and helps to keep you safe and secure while you're out on your drive.

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What is included in Roadside Assistance?

As an addition to the INFINITI Total Ownership Experience, you will never have to worry about getting assistance whenever you are in a situation that involves an emergency on the road. You are covered across North America, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have designated representatives standing by to make sure you and your INFINITI are taken care of. There is an abundance of included features, so please continue reading to learn how INFINITI Roadside Assistance has your back.


Mechanical Breakdown Towing

If for any reason your INFINITI suffers from a mechanical breakdown and it is unable to move under its own power, INFINITI Roadside Assistance will dispatch a towing service to tend to your vehicle. Your vehicle will be moved from its current location to the nearest INFINITI dealership or authorized service centre.

Traffic Accident Service

In the case of an unfortunate accident, INFINITI Roadside Assistance will have your vehicle towed to the nearest INFINITI dealership or authorized service centre. If your insurance company does not cover the tow, they will reimburse you. INFINITI Roadside Assistance will also offer a vehicle rental, meals/accommodations, special return of passengers, and emergency transportation.


If your INFINITI ever becomes stuck in the ditch, snow, or mud, roadside assistance will dispatch a towing service and have you pulled out immediately. The vehicle must be accessible and located on a regularly travelled roadway.

Battery Boost

If INFINITI owners are ever in a situation where there vehicle will not start due to a weak battery. If the vehicle does not start, your INFINITI will be towed to the nearest INFINITI dealership or authorized service centre.

Fuel Delivery

If your INFINITI ever runs out of fuel INFINITI Roadside Assistance will dispatch a service truck to bring you $5.00 worth of fuel. The cost of fuel is not included. However, if the area where you are stranded is not safe for fuel delivery, the tow service truck will tow your vehicle to the nearest gas station.

Lockout Service

If you are less than 100 km from your home and have locked yourself out of your vehicle INFINITI Roadside Assistance will provide reimbursement for commercial travel such as a taxi, bus, train so you can get back home to retrieve a spare set of keys or arrange for a new key to be made and delivered to you

Trip Interruption Services

If you are less than 100 km from your home, you will be reimbursed for commercial travel to either your home or your destination. Suppose you are greater than 100 km from your home. In that case, INFINITI will reimburse you up to $500.00 maximum for vehicle rental, emergency transportation, accommodation, special return or passengers or return to the repair site.

Travel Planning Services

If you plan a trip, INFINITI Roadside Assistance will help you map out your journey and offer a personal travel planner.

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Services Not Covered

  • Any charges related to the repair(s) (parts and/or labour), additional servicing equipment, storage or impound charges.
  • Service to any vehicle willfully driven into an area not regularly travelled, including vacant lots, unassumed roads, open field, construction sites, mud or snow-filled driveways, impassable, private, recreational roads, beaches, or any other area that is inaccessible to a service facility vehicle.
  • Shovelling or the removal of snow to free a vehicle
  • Service to any unregistered, unplated or uninsured vehicle
  • Service to an unattended vehicle

If you have any questions regarding any of the information we have covered today, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Obtaining INFINITI Roadside Assistance Service and Making Claims

  • Call 1-800-363-4520
  • Provide VIN , nature of difficulty and exact location
  • A Service vehicle will be sent to your location
  • INFINITI Roadside Assistance should be called first before any other arrangements are made
  • In the unlikely case that an authorized service vehicle is not available you are authorized to obtain your own.
  • If you have received authorization please call the most convenient service vehicle.
  • Obtain a detailed receipt of completed services
  • Submit the original receipt within 30 days and forward to INFINITI Roadside Assistance Attn. Claims Department P.O. Box 5845, London, ON N6A 4T4.
  • Upon confirmation of your claim INFINITI Roadside Assistance will send you a reimbursement cheque.
  • Only original receipts will be accepted. The originals will be returned upon request.

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