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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Infiniti Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Infiniti Service Centre - ALTA INFINITI

Frequently Asked Questions about INFINITI Service

The use of technology and advanced engineering in vehicles has seen a drastic progression. As automotive consumers have become accustomed to the many technological nuances, their expectations for it have also increased. Not only has there need to be amplified, but so has the wanting to understand how it all works. Even though our INFINITI service centre in Woodbridge, Ontario is equipped to diagnose any problem your INFINITI may have, automotive consumers in Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, and Etobicoke want to understand better how all the premium features operate in their vehicles. Information is abundant online, but it is important to verify it in case it is incorrect. Some automotive consumers learn new information to gain knowledge, while others gain it to understand a prospective problem.

At Alta INFINITI located at 5585 Hwy 7, Woodbridge, Ontario, our state of the art service centre possess all the resources to help you find a solution for any issues you may have. Our knowledgeable service consultants will help better understand the problem while our trained technicians will execute the repair. Our service consultants take note of the many questions they receive, and for the sake of educating our clientele, we are proud to offer a frequently asked questions section. Please continue reading to learn more.

How much is INFINITI InTouch Services?

InTouch services are included in the purchase of a new INFINITI vehicle for the first year. After the first year of ownership, INFINITI Connection Plus will cost $16.99 per month or $203.88 per year, and if you opt for InTouch Services Premier monthly costs will be $33.99 and yearly $407.88.

What is INFINITI InTouch Services?

INFINITI InTouch provides the driver with outstanding capabilities to stay connected to your vehicle and the world around you. With features such as built-in maps, destination search, online search with Google, Facebook, and enhanced traffic information.

How do I activate INFINITI InTouch?

Once you've acquired your vehicle, please register your account on the INFINITI InTouch owner portal. Make sure to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and a PIN number provided by the dealership.

Why does my brake pedal pulse?

Brake pedal pulsation is an issue that we hear about at in our service centre occasionally. The most common diagnosis is a warped rotor. However, we need to consider other possibilities, as well. Another common assumption is that heat, corrosion, or mechanical stress causes a variation in braking torque to occur. Some customers have noted that their steering wheel may also shimmy when braking occurs. We encourage you to visit our service centre so we can properly diagnose your braking issues. Our parts centre provides genuine INFINITI parts so you only receive the best.

Why do I hear a noise when I apply the brakes?

Foreign brake noise should set off some alarms, as one of the most essential systems on your vehicle is not operating as it should. Too often, drivers ignore noise emanating from their brakes, which could cause reduced braking capabilities in the long run. Brake rattle is one of the most common noises that consumers hear. Brake rattle can occur due to heat expansion, but one point to consider is rattling should not happen when the pedal is pressed.

Your brakes can also produce a grinding sound. There are two major causes of brake grinding. It is either a worn down rotor or pads, and the possibility of a foreign object lodged in between the two contact surfaces.

The last possible reason for brake noise is a condition called brake fade. Brake fade usually occurs when your brakes are used continuously and don't have a chance to cool down. One way to prevent brake fade is by using engine braking techniques. This uses the engine to slow down the vehicle versus utilizing your brakes. A situation where this could work is down a steep hill where braking is required over an extended period.


INFINITI Parts & Service In Woodbridge, Ontario

At Alta INFINITI, we provide all the services you require to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle and Parts and Service Centre that are ready and equipped to service your vehicle. We also offer professional interior and exterior vehicle cleaning services to make sure your vehicle looks its best. It is easy to book an online appointment with our service centre. Just fill out the required information, and one of our consultants will follow up with your request. Alta INFINITI is excited to provide an exceptional consumer experience and all the services you require under one roof.

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