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Introducing the QX Monograph Concept | Alta Infiniti

Introducing the QX Monograph Concept | Alta Infiniti

In the ever-evolving world of automotive innovation, Alta Infiniti is setting a new standard with the introduction of the QX Monograph Concept. Unveiled at the prestigious 2023 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance™, this concept vehicle is more than just a car; it's a statement of artistry, power, and the future of design.


Evolution of Elegance: The QX Monograph's Design Language

The QX Monograph is a masterpiece that redefines Infiniti's design philosophy. Its athletic stance, grand proportions, and seamless execution create a harmonious synchronization of form and function. The new design elements include an illuminated three-dimensional emblem, a reinterpretation of Infiniti's double-arched radiator grille, and innovative "digital piano key" lighting. Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President of Infiniti's global design, emphasizes that each Infiniti design is approached as an artwork, aiming to evoke emotion and intrigue.


Sculpted for Sophistication: The Exterior Design

The QX Monograph's exterior is a blend of powerful proportions and minimalist design, enriched with subtle yet captivating details. Its long, straight hood, wide stance, and large wheels craft a visual spectacle, while its anti-wedge profile adds a sleek sense of motion. The body panels, simple at first glance, reveal complex shapes upon closer inspection, embodying Infiniti's commitment to precision and craftsmanship.


A Palette of Sunset: The Unique "Akane" Paint

Infiniti's design team introduces "Akane," a striking new paint color, inspired by the serene moments of sunset. This six-layer structure captures the warm glow of the setting sun transitioning into the night sky, varying in color based on light and viewing angle. This intricate color play, combined with red-tinted window glass and a gloss black roof, reflects the spectrum of sunset shades, adding to the vehicle's dynamic presence.


Nature-Inspired Grille and Bold Lighting

The QX Monograph's prominent double-arched grille, inspired by a tranquil bamboo forest, and its bold lighting system set a new benchmark in automotive design. The unique separation of the main headlight assembly and daytime running lights (DRLs) adds an extraordinary touch. The DRLs, with their intricate "Kimono fold" pattern, enhance the vehicle's width and stability.


Redefining Rear Design and Graceful Motion

The rear of the QX Monograph is as impressive as its front. The tail lights span the width of the body, with a smoked finish that glows a vibrant red when lit. This, coupled with the tranquil light-on-water effect, creates a signature look that is both memorable and serene. The "welcome" and "farewell" lighting animations add a sense of motion, starting from the three-dimensional Infiniti emblem and spreading outwards.


Innovative Wheels and Panoramic Roof

Riding on precision machine-finished wheels with bold red highlights, the QX Monograph's design is influenced by modern wind turbines, evident in the large, gently curved spokes. The panoramic roof, adorned with a "Kimono fold" pattern, complements the Akane paint, adding to the vehicle's striking profile.


A Welcoming Light Path

The QX Monograph extends its hospitality with a welcoming "light path" effect, inspired by a powerful bird in flight. This animation sequence, along with the serene white light projected from the side steps, offers a dramatic and thoughtful welcome, embodying Infiniti's commitment to its clients.

The QX Monograph Concept by Alta Infiniti isn’t just a leap forward in automotive design; it’s a vision of the future, where power, elegance, and artistry converge. With its breathtaking aesthetics and innovative features, the QX Monograph is set to redefine the luxury car segment, offering a glimpse into the exciting road ahead for Infiniti and its discerning clientele.

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