INFINITI SUV for Sale in Woodbridge, Ontario

INFINITI SUV for Sale in Woodbridge, Ontario

There are many trends that come and go, and when we look back are categorized as fads. In the automotive industry, these trends exist as well; however, the rise of the SUV is neither a trend nor a fad. Sedans and compacts were the vehicles of choice for decades, as automotive consumers from Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan Area (Kleinberg, Maple, Thornhill and Woodbridge) and Etobicoke have enjoyed the features that those vehicles provided. However, the SUV/crossover segments have witnessed a recent dominance in sales. The Canadian automotive marketplace has seen a shift in consumer's demands, as segments that include SUVs and crossovers have taken over. SUVs are synonymous with four-wheel-drive systems that offer a higher level of utility that sedans and compacts just don't offer. Automotive manufacturers have spent billions on the engineering and design of SUVs and crossovers by catering to consumers' wants and needs. At Alta INFINITI, we have the best selection of INFINITI SUV for sale in Vaughan, Ontario, including the INFINITI QX50, QX60, and QX80. Don't forget to utilize our online finance application and pre-approved for one of these amazing vehicles.

Infiniti SUVs come with incredible utility and comfort. Infiniti's 2022 SUV lineup includes the QX50, QX55, QX60, and QX80. These luxurious, sporty vehicles are spacious, versatile, and incredibly stylish. With Infiniti's commitment to innovation, you are sure to find the SUV that matches your personality and suits your lifestyle.


QX50 Crafted with you in mind, the 2022 Infiniti QX50 is rich in upscale features and innovative technology. This SUV has a fuel economy as low as 8.3 L/100 km on highways. At Alta Infiniti in Woodbridge, Ontario, we carry new inventory for the exceptionally designed Infiniti SUVs. With our flexible financing, you can elevate your ride and drive the premium 2022 Infiniti QX50.


QX55 The 2022 Infiniti QX55 crossover coupe is an incredibly unique vehicle on the market. If you're looking to stand out and express yourself on the road, then this is the car for you. Go from 0 to 100 in 6.5 seconds with the luxurious and sporty 2022 Infiniti QX55. With available options like the 16-speaker Bose audio system, this car will steal the show.


QX80 The 2022 Infiniti QX80 owns the road with its commanding presence and performance you can rely on. With 8,500 lbs towing capacity and 400 horsepower, this is a car worth trading in your older vehicle for. Form and function unite on this eight-seater luxury SUV. Bold on the outside, comfortable on the inside, the 2022 Infiniti QX80 is a masterpiece of engineering.


QX60 The all-new 2022 Infiniti QX60 brings luxury to everyday living with its minimalistic Japanese design and revolutionary technology. This three-row vehicle, with its astounding 2,135 litres of maximum cargo space, has all the thrill of a sports sedan and the practicality of an SUV. Ergonomic seating under the available panoramic moonroof gives you a sense of being in a convertible with all the benefits and breathtaking views and none of the drawbacks.

INFINITI SUVs For Sale in Woodbridge, Ontario

Popular Questions

Is Infiniti a good SUV?

Absolutely! INFINITI has designed and engineered some of the more safe, practical, and beautiful vehicles in the automotive marketplace.

What are the different Infiniti SUV models?

INFINIFTI offers three difference SUVs the INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, and INFINITI QX80.

Who makes Infiniti SUV models?

INFINITI is a Japanese manufacturer that produces SUVs that include the QX50, QX60, and QX80.

What is the Infiniti SUV called?

INFINITI builds three SUVs the QX50, QX60, and QX80.
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