Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Infiniti Today!

Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Infiniti Today!


New 2021 Infiniti Lineup in Woodbridge, Ontario

New 2021 Infiniti Lineup in Woodbridge, Ontario

Are you in Woodbridge, Toronto, Maple, or any of the surrounding areas in Ontario? Our new inventory is waiting for you at Alta Infiniti! As the preferred Infiniti dealership in Woodbridge, Ontario, we take pride in our generous selection of vehicles. Our used inventory is continually growing, and we are confident we can get you into the Infiniti you want today.

New 2021 Infiniti Lineup

The 2021 Infiniti lineup boasts a selection that has something for all walks of life. Cars include the Infiniti Q50 sedan and Infiniti Q60 sports coupe. The SUV selections include the Infiniti QX50, the Infiniti QX60, and the show-stopping Infiniti QX80.

Which Infiniti Model Is the Best?

Answering the question of which Infiniti model is the best all depends on who you're asking. Each model is unique, so the choice should be made based on what your needs are. Let's go over the specifics.


Buy Infiniti Q50

Let's start with the Q50 sedan featuring two 3.0-litre twin-turbo engines with 300 and 400 horsepower. With modern styling and luxurious interiors, the Q50 is an excellent sedan for families that want elegance and sophistication. With the dynamic digital suspension, you will feel a new comfort and security level that was not possible before.



Buy Infiniti Q60

The Q60 is Infiniti's sports coupe, it's similar to the Q50 on the standard version, but there are sportier upgrades available. As a weekend cruiser or daily driver for a single person or couple, the Q60 is an exciting option.



Buy Infiniti QX50

The QX50 SUV is excellent for a family. The QX50 comes with adaptive steering and a tow package on the standard version. Equipped with AWD, the QX50 can handle most road conditions.


The QX60 is the next step in the SUV category. If you're in the market for an SUV but have a larger family or frequently travel with cargo, the QX60 has everything the QX50 has with extra interior space.


Buy Infiniti QX80

Then we have the QX80, a V8-powered full-size SUV bringing more power to deliver efficient towing capabilities. Accelerating with your cargo hitched on won't be a problem with the tow package on this SUV. The third-row seating also has plenty of space if you're bringing the whole family along.



Is It Expensive To Maintain an Infiniti QX60?

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the annual maintenance cost of the Infiniti QX60. The cost will vary depending on mileage and other factors, but the average cost of maintenance is only C$ 798.

How Many Miles Can an Infiniti Last?

The answer to this question is based on several factors. However, the life expectancy on a newer Infiniti can range well into the 200,000-kilometer area before any major repairs need to be done.

What Is The Difference Between The Pure & Luxe Trims?

The Pure is the base model of the QX60, and the Luxe is the higher trim version. Let's examine the differences between the two. The Pure version includes a moonroof, standard backup camera, forward collision warning, blindspot monitoring, six-speaker stereo and 8-inch touchscreen display. The Luxe includes lane-departure warning and backup collision intervention, along with a backup camera that's surround-view instead of the normal camera. In the Luxe edition, there is a Bose sound system as well as dual headrest monitors. The Luxe comes with everything the Pure offers but in a more upgraded form.

What Is The Available Exterior Feature New for the 2021 Q50?

The 2021 Q50 now has the Sensory grade as an option. Previously only three different grade options were available.

Can I Install Apple CarPlay in My Infiniti?

The installation of Apple CarPlay is available in all 2021 Infiniti models.

Should I Buy an Infiniti QX60?

Depending on your needs, the QX60 is an excellent option for purchase. When you need a little extra room for comfort or cargo, the QX60 is very accommodating.

What Is The Cheapest Infiniti?

For 2021, the most efficiently priced Infiniti is the Q50.

Which Is Better MDX or QX60?

As far as performance goes, the MDX and QX60 are very close in every category. However, the MDX has less seating available, which makes the QX60 more accommodating. The QX60 also has more coverage in the factory warranty than the MDX. Because of these factors, we believe the QX60 edges out the MDX in a competition.

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