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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Infiniti Today!


Winter Tires with Rims In Woodbridge, Ontario

Winter Tire & Rim Package | Alta Infiniti Woodbridge

Winter Tires with Rims in Woodbridge, Ontario

The time to winterize our vehicles is fast approaching, and the Alta Infiniti Tire Centre is where you'll want to get your winter tires and rims installed if you're based in the Woodbridge, Ontario area. Find out how we can tend to all your winter tire and rim needs below before contacting our dealership to book your next appointment.

Are Winter Tires Sold with Rims?

They are at Alta Infiniti, as we're currently offering a winter tire and rim package at an affordable price. Whatever model from our star-studded Infiniti stable you may drive, you can take advantage of this available package today, whether you opt for a set of tires with or without the rims. You can get in touch with our dealership or visit us online for further details regarding this ongoing winter tire and rim promotion, and our Parts Centre is also home to the tires and rims that will optimize your Infiniti's performance through the cold winter months.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Winter Tires on Rims?

The cost of tires and rims depends on which Infiniti model you call yours, as every model has its own wheel size and dimensions that optimize performance. You can consult our current winter tire and rim promotion for a detailed price point related to your Infiniti, and whether you'd rather purchase a new set of tires with or without rims, our factory-trained technicians will gladly install them without breaking your bank.

What Does Winter Tires on Rims Mean?

The rims are essentially the outer part of your vehicle's wheels that hold its winter tires in place. In other words, winter tires and rims go hand in hand, and the staff at our Parts Centre will be happy to fill you in on which tire and rim combination is best for your Infiniti. Furthermore, our technicians will be just as thrilled to handle the installation and get you ready for winter with minimal delay.

For more on all things winter tire- and rim-related, contact our Infiniti Tire Centre today.

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