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Frequently Asked Questions About INFINITI

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About INFINITI

INFINITI is an iconic brand in the automobile world. Drivers have enjoyed the technology, reliability, and performance of INFINITI vehicles since 1989. At Alta INFINITI Woodbridge, we're here to answer any questions you may have about INFINITI vehicles. We aim to keep our customers in Woodbridge, Ontario, informed and up to date on all things INFINITI. Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions!

What Is INFINITI Technology Package?

INFINITI is proud to offer incredible technology to improve your driving experience. This package includes driver-enhancing features like Driver Adaptive Steering, Intelligent Park Assist, and Moving Object Detection. These features enhance your driving ability, improving your reflexes, so you can achieve peak performance. The technology package also includes proactive safety features to help you avoid accidents. These safety features include Lane Departure Warning, Backup Collision Intervention, and Intelligent Cruise Control. With these safety features, your risk of accidents will plummet. The technology provided by INFINITI takes your driving to the next level and makes you safer.

What Is the Maintenance on an INFINITI?

Like any car, an INFINITI will require regular maintenance to keep running in optimal performance. Biannual trips to the dealership for maintenance are highly recommended. Our dealership will change the oil, check the brakes, and perform a full inspection of your vehicle. INFINITI vehicles are known for their reliability. Recent tests by RepairPal suggest that INFINITI vehicles have very few unexpected services per year, with 90% of those visits being for minor non-severe issues. This makes INFINITI cars extremely reliable.

What Does the Q Stand For in INFINITI?

The Q branding is meant to make INFINITI vehicles easier to recognize. The "Q" in the INFINITI vehicle lineup refers to sedans, while the "QX" is used for SUVs. At Alta INFINITI Woodbridge, we have a variety of popular INFINITI vehicles, including the sporty Q50, the Q60 coupe, the versatile QX50, and the reliable QX60.

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From its advanced technology and safety to its reliable performance, INFINITI is a great vehicle choice. We'd love to help you find the right INFINITI for you and answer all your questions about INFINITI vehicles. Contact us for more information about our INFINITI vehicles today. When you're ready to buy, our Finance Centre will help you secure convenient financing terms. Visit our dealership to test drive an INFINITI and experience it in all its glory!










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    Can I track my INFINITI?

    Absolutely. The INFINITI My Car Finder App helps you track your car from any geographical location at any given time. The device sends signals via a cellular network, although the signal strength may be altered by location.

    How do I turn off weather alerts on my INFINITI?

    The voice weather alerts may be so annoying sometimes, and I am sure most of you are already tired of it. To turn off the weather alerts on your INFINITI, follow the steps below; Go to settings, then the navigation. Go to Weather and turn off the voice announcements. Leave the on-screen ones because they only exhibit text at the bottom of the map.

    Who is the INFINITI car made by?

    INFINITI is a luxurious brand of vehicle that was initially manufactured in Japan. The car stems from the famous auto make Nissan and the Nissan Motor Co, a Japanese Automotive industry. The goal was to manufacture a vehicle that is more refined and has excellent performance capabilities. There are currently many INFINITI dealerships, including our own Alt INFINITI, which ensures that customers in the surrounding area get sophisticated INFINITI vehicle brands.

    Which is better, a Lexus or INFINITI?

    Both INFINITI and Lexus are Japanese vehicle brands with impeccable stylish features, incredible performance, and classy structure s. When we compare the two cars' amenities, it becomes clear that INFINITI leads almost every category. The most recent INFINITI generation is a combination of superior design, advanced engineering technologies, and outstanding performance. At Alta INFINITI of Woodbridge, Ontario, we are very vigilant about the Infiniti car brands that we sell.

    How much does an INFINITI truck cost?

    The newest INFINITI truck is the INFINITI QX80 in the luxury SUV class. The truck's starting price is $79,998. For more information on the prices, view our QX80 model page to learn more.

    What's Covered Under Infiniti New Vehicle Limited Warranty?

    Firstly, Infiniti's New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage begins on the day your new Infiniti is delivered. This comprehensive plan's Basic Coverage Period lasts 48 months or 100,000 km - whichever comes first - while Powertrain Coverage is good for up to six years or 110,000 km. Infiniti's standard warranty accounts for a variety of your vehicle's parts and ensures that any related repairs will be carried out at no charge for parts or labour.

    Our dealership's technicians are factory-certified and handle any necessary repairs using genuine Infiniti or Infiniti-approved parts. And if ever your car fails due to an issue covered under Infiniti's New Vehicle Limited Warranty, you can get it towed to our service centre at no additional cost.

    What's Not Covered by Infiniti New Vehicle Limited Warranty?

    It's important to note which services aren't covered by Infiniti's factory warranty. Firstly, rental car reimbursement isn't covered under this plan, but it can be with the Infiniti Protection Plan. Furthermore, any repairs scheduled at a service centre or dealer that isn't Infiniti-authorized won't be covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Drivers are also responsible for maintenance and service calls as per their owner's manual, in addition to repairs stemming from installation of parts or accessories unapproved by Infiniti.

    What Does Infiniti's Extended Warranty Cover?

    Infiniti's extended protection plan covers a bevy of components and services, including its safety and driver-assist technology and every part covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, from the transmission to the engine. The Infiniti Protection Plan also accounts for the replacement of various key components like brake pads, spark plugs, and ball joints. Other additional benefits include emergency roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption services.

    Is My Battery Covered Under the Infiniti Warranty?

    Your Infiniti's battery may not be covered under the factory's New Vehicle Limited Warranty, but it is under the extended Infiniti Protection Plan. With this added coverage, you'll allow our service centre to spare you the hassle of treating your battery to some TLC when it needs it most.

    For more on Infiniti's New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage and the brand's available extended coverage plans, feel free to contact us at Alta Infiniti. A member of our staff will be happy to fill you in.