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    INFINITI Recall Information

    Over the years, we have recalled some of the INFINITI vehicle brands. Sometimes, the recalls are due to airbag malfunctioning, loose pressure sensors, and too low fuel levels. Some of the INFINITI models we have been recalling include the QX30 crossover, Q50 Sedan, and the Q60 Coupe. Our vehicle dealership store serves as the leading INFINITI dealer in Woodbridge, Ontario. We also serve York's municipalities and Brampton, Vaughan, Toronto, Maple, Thornhill, Etobicoke, and other surrounding areas. This review helps our customers understand more about the entire INFINITI recall Canada process.

    Reasons for INFINITI Recall

    Our vehicle dealership recalls specific INFINITI models with the prospect that their airbag inflators might explode unknowingly and release sharp metal objects on the driver and occupants. The explosion of these airbag inflators might be due to high temperatures and humidity, and the explosion might cause serious injuries or even death. We advise that any individual owning any of the affected INFINITI vehicles to contact our dealership store will replace the defective airbags free of charge. Owners of the INFINITI vehicles will receive periodic notifications and reminders about the defective nature of the car. To receive your free replacement parts, you should bring your vehicle to our dealership store. It would be best if you took caution not to operate any INFINITI vehicle in the recall list to avoid accidents.

    Recall Process for INFINITI Vehicles

    INFINITI recall Canada involves several processes. First, the INFINITI vehicle manufacturers will identify all the affected vehicles and the Vehicle Identification Numbers. Next, the manufacturers follow up by identifying the car owners and the INFINITI models' dealers and giving them instructions on how to proceed with the recall process. Infiniti manufacturers will send a recall letter to its customers. The customers will then head to their vehicle dealership store to have their vehicle's defective parts replaced with no costs. You can check on our page to determine whether there is a recall on your vehicle by entering your 17-digit Vehicle Identification number.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Recalls

    Is there a recall on my car Canada?

    You should check Canada's Road Safety Database to search for any vehicle recalls. You can also contact us if you'd like to know more about which vehicles are on recall.

    Does my INFINITI have a recall?

    Check for recall information on the Infiniti vehicle manufacturer's website by providing your Vehicle Identification Number, and you will establish whether there are any recalls on your INFINITI vehicle. You can contact our Service Centre online to learn more about your vehicle and any recall information.

    Is INFINITI a reliable brand?

    Despite the recalls, the INFINITI vehicle has several innovations that make them reliable and convenient. The vehicle's exterior and interior designs make it stand out from its competitors. They also have standard safety features that make the car safe and suitable for customers.

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    You can schedule your INFINITI Service Online today with our dealership store. You can also contact us if you have any questions about your INFINITI vehicle.

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