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Used Infiniti QX80 For Sale

Used Infiniti QX80 For Sale

Used Infiniti QX80 For Sale

Through our used inventory at Alta Infiniti Woodbridge, you will find low-mileage pre-owned models from various brands, including Infiniti, that are perfect for daily drives and weekend family adventures. A popular Infiniti SUV you can find from our selection is the QX80, a full-size model with incredible capability and even better luxury inside. Visit us today to test drive our used QX80 models and enlist the help of our experts to enjoy the best vehicle shopping experience.

2023 Infiniti QX80 Overview

Infiniti QX80 Overview & Feature Highlights

The Infiniti QX80 has continued to be a flagship model within the Infiniti lineup, providing customers with a spacious SUV that can comfortably seat the entire family. It also comes with a four-wheel-drive drivetrain, which will help you navigate Canada's harsh winter climate and an array of off-road terrains. Besides offering outstanding capability and utility, this luxurious SUV packs many comfort-enhancing, technology, and safety offerings.


What is the best year for Infiniti QX80?

Regardless of which model year QX80 you decide to purchase, you will enjoy having a spacious SUV that's very capable and luxurious. However, it would be best if you considered looking to purchase a QX80 that's from 2015 or newer, which newer models closer to the 2022 model year will have the latest design, technology, and safety features.

How many kilometres is a QX80 good for?

The QX80 is an SUV built to be durable and robust, giving you reliable transportation for years to come. You can expect your QX80 to continue serving you reliably if you keep up with regular maintenance, allowing you to reach beyond 300,000 kilometres with ease. Also, you will often find used QX80 models listed for sale with mileage that is far more than other SUV competitors in the luxury segment.

Is Infiniti QX80 a reliable vehicle?

The Infiniti QX80 is an SUV with great reliability ratings, reflecting on how well this SUV was designed, engineered, and built. You can find many QX80 SUVs for sale that are in excellent condition with higher mileage, further confirming the reliability ratings, which are extremely competitive compared to other SUV models within the luxury SUV segment.

What year did Infiniti start making the QX80?

In the past, the QX80 was known as the QX56, but in 2014, Infiniti opted to create the QX80. However, the QX80 continued to dominate the luxury SUV segment, providing the same full-size SUV utility while delivering outstanding performance and capability beyond what you would expect from a luxurious model.









Financing Options

The decision to purchase a used Infiniti is a great way to get a lot of value for your money since Infinitis deliver unmatched luxury. Customers wishing to purchase a used family vehicle should consider the Infiniti QX80, an SUV with many standard features. Be sure to explore the used QX80 SUVs available within our selection and speak to our Finance Centre to get pre-approved today. You can even utilize your current vehicle as a trade-in towards your Infiniti SUV purchase, giving you more savings.

Used Infiniti QX80 For Sale in Woodbridge, Ontario